PlayStation 3 Slim

The fantastic new super sleek PS3 Console comes with a massive 120gb hard drive enabling you to store even more media than ever before as well as your saved games. Also with the PlayStation 3 Slim you get the world of downloadable content available via the PlayStation Network and Wi-Fi compatibility makes it an absolute must-have games console.

The new Slimline PS3 comes is 32% smaller and 36% lighter than it's predecessor making it more portable and convenient. PlayStation 3 Slim also runs more quietly with it only using two-thirds of the power used by the original PS3 and the longevity of the console is lengthened as it stays much cooler.

The New Playstation 3 Slim will play CDs, DVDs as well as high-definition Blu-Ray discs making it that truly all-round entertainment piece. Included with the PS3 slim console are all the essentials to get you up and running - power cable, USB cable, AV cable and a Sony DualShock 3 wireless controller.

If you missed out on the the phenomenal success of the PlayStation 3 the first time round you have not only got another chance to get on board but to even to get one up on your mates - by grabbing the Playstation 3 Slim that greatly improves on the original.

PlayStation 3 Slim

PlayStation 3 Slim Features

* The lightest and smallest PS3 ever – fits neatly onto any shelf or TV unit.
* Packs a huge 120GB hard drive – letting you store even more downloaded content, demos, games, movies and more!
* Fully featured Blu-Ray player built in – so you can enjoy cutting-edge HD entertainment when you aren’t gaming!
* Cooler and quieter than before – So no distractions from enjoying your gaming.
* Consumes less power – Less spent on electricity means more to spend on great new games!
* New V3.0 Operating System – makes using the New Playstation 3 Slim a cinch!
* Choose to place in a horizontal or vertical position (via a stand available separately) – fit your PS3 Slim into your living room setup wherever you want.
* Special Sync™ features for Sony Bravia TVs
* System software updated via the XrossMediaBar – no complex installs, just browse, click and get the latest updates!
* Wireless Bluetooth™ Controller – sit anywhere in the room for maximum comfort and control!

PS3 Slim includes:

* The New PS3 Operating System (V 3.0)
* 1 Wireless Dualshock 3 Controller
* 1 AC power cord
* 1 AV cable
* 1 USB cable

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July 22, 2013
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