PlayStation 3 Slim

The super new Playstation 3 Slim has a massive storage size of 120GB which gives you the user the extra capacity to store more games, music, photos, videos as well as other various content available through the PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Network now has more than 27 million registered accounts around the world offering more than 15,000 pieces of digital content, ranging from game titles to more than 15,000 movies and TV shows.

PlayStation Network members can also download free applications, such as PlayStation Home, a ground-breaking 3D social gaming community available on PS3 slim that lets you interact, communicate and share gaming experiences. Life with PlayStation offers you various news and information on a TV monitor by connecting your PS3 Slim to the network.

The New PS3 slim continues to offer the cutting-edge technology and features of the current models like the ability to watch high-definition Blu-ray disc movies and play HD games, as well as various content and services downloadable through the PlayStation network.

PlayStation 3 Slim

PlayStation 3 Slim Key Features

PS3 slim system software update version 3.00:
PS3 Slim 2009 system software will be upgraded to version 3.00 on September 1. Various user-friendly features will be added such as the “What’s New” screen, where users can quickly browse the new items available in the PlayStation Store as well as their recently played games directly on the XMB with short cuts to each piece of content. PS3 slim will evolve continuously with the system software further improving the operability thus enhancing the user experience available through the network. New PS3 Console users can enjoy fantastic new features by updating the PS3 system software to version 3.00 via the “System Update” function on the XMB.

BRAVIA Sync Feature:
The new Playstation 3 slim console comes equipped with the BRAVIA Sync feature so by connecting the system to a BRAVIA TV with the HDMI cable you are able to operate the XMB on PS3 slim using the TV remote control. Other functions include “System Standby” that will automatically turn off the PS3 slim when the BRAVIA TV is turned off.

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July 23, 2013
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