PlayStation 3 Slim

PlayStation 3 Slim

The stunning New Playstation 3 Slim certainly has entertainment at heart with it's massive 120GB hard disk drive allowing you to experience all your video, music and other digital files all in one place. It also is backwards compatible letting you play all your old PS 1 games but cannot play PlayStation 2 games. When the PS3 slim is connected to a HD TV you can enjoy superb picture quality with images that are flawless and clear and with the Sony's revolutionary motion-sensitive SIXAXIS wireless controller you will feel even closer to the action than ever before.

Also with the New PS3 slim watch HD, interactive movies with its Blu-ray disc player thanks to its vast storage capacity – 25GB on a single layer disc and 50GB on a dual layer disc. This is 77 times more information than a standard CD and 6 times more than a DVD. The PS3 Slim also includes wireless internet connectivity for easy access to the PlayStation Network and a fantastic world of online entertainment ranging from multiplayer social gaming to community features with downloadable multimedia content.

The fantastic new super streamlined PS3 Slim 2009 is 32% smaller than the original PS3 and uses 34% less power. Featured are a larger hard drive capacity so you can store even more digital content and the New Playstation 3 slim brings you a whole new world of High Definition entertainment to your home. Experience breathtakingly realistic gaming living the excitement first-hand, in real time.

The package includes:
New Playstation 3 Slim console, 120GB version
SIXAXIS Bluetooth controller
Power cable
AV cable
USB cable (USB ports: 2)
User manual

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July 23, 2013
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