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"Ok so there's nothing groundbreaking about the new PS3 Slim 2009 as opposed to it's predecessor, except one thing, IT WORKs, with unerring quality, and with no lapses it works a treat. Previous incarnations suffered with lags, and stuttering but this just doesn't happen. It's quieter, the Iplayer is a nice little addition to the main menu, and its much more compact and easier to clean! I think there is a little space for more quality games but i am sure they will come! All in all the New Playstation 3 Slim is a cracking machine and what the PS3 should have been on release"

"Got my PS3 Slim yesterday, all i can say it's a fantastic piece of kit! I have found it to run a lot quieter than the older PS3 . For the price your paying its a steal, blue ray, wireless, free on-line gaming, and a lot of fantastic exclusive games, uncharted, little big planet, wipeout hd, killzone 2, gran turismo 5 (out soon) and too many more to mention! This is now the best time to buy a PS3 , trust me you won't regret it"

"I've been dithering for ages about which next gen console to buy. I borrowed a friends 360 and was put off by the fan noise (which is very intrusive) and liked the look of the Playstation 3 Slim ( as opposed to the normal PS3, which I think just too big and shiny) I have to say I'm very happy so far, design wise it's street ahead of the 360, discrete little lights, almost silent, pretty small, and Little Big Planet too! Hopefully no reliability worries either, which was a big 360 turn-off. Go on, you know you want one"

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July 23, 2013
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