PlayStation 3 Slim

The stunning New Playstation 3 Slim is the only games console to get if you want to truly experience the next generation of HD audiovisual entertainment. The PS3 slim displays crystal clear images at 5 x the that of traditional DVD and also delivers super-crisp sound and has a massive storage capacity giving you more features and possibilities than ever before. The new PS3 slim has a DVD upscaling feature allowing you to watch all your existing discs at a higher resolution.

To get the best out of the New Playstation 3 slim then you'll need to purchase an HDMI cable and HD-TV to enjoy High definition 1080p picture and for the serious movie fan, there's the Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control. The iconic DualShock controller from Sony has received a minor facelift but been given a major internal overhaul the superb wireless SIXAXIS.

The sleek New PS3 Slim is much smaller and more streamlined than the original PS3 giving the same cutting edge, HD features as before but with a giant 120GB hard drive. The PS3 slim packs Blu-ray and DVD playback, a built-in internet browser, tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS DualShock controllers and some of the best games available on any console into its tiny frame. The PS3 Slim is the next stage in the evolution of the home gaming console.

PlayStation 3 Slim

PlayStation 3 Slim

The Playstation 3 Slim has an online service PlayStation Network which offers browsing, downloadable games, additional content, demos, music, videos, firmware updates and much much more. Premium content comes at a small price, but the service is subscription free! PlayStation Home is a worldwide 3D community where you can create a virtual avatar, decorate your very own graphical apartment, and meet other online gamers, this is what the PlayStation experience is all about. With potential opponents of millions of across the globe online multiplayer is quickly becoming the future of social gaming, you can even talk to other users through the Sony PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset!

The PS3 Slim utilises Bluetooth technology offering wireless control so you can sit back and forget about cables. The PS3 slim is also Motion sensitive enabling you to control games by tilting the controller giving you even more unique game styles to experience. Up to seven wireless pads will work on the PS3 Slim 2009 and thanks to the charger cable that comes with all SIXAXIS controllers, you can recharge your peripheral through one of the PS3's USB ports. The reshaped L2 and R2 buttons now work like triggers and the improved analogue sticks give an even greater degree of user control.

PlayStation 3 Slim Product Features

Pre-installed removable 120GB hard disk drive (HDD)
Tilt-sensitive DualShock wireless controller
Up to seven players on one PS3 system
Cell Broadband Engine advanced microprocessor
Blu-ray disc drive
Standard- or High-definition widescreen graphics up to 1080p
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
Wireless network connectivity (Wi-Fi)
Bluetooth technology
PSP connectivity
Two USB ports
Free and premium downloadable content with PlayStation Network (game demos, movies, TV shows, and more)
Multimedia compatible (Blu-ray, DVD, CD, MP3, Photo, PC)
7.1 channel Dolby Digital sound, DTS and LPCM
Built in web browser
Stands vertically or horizontally

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July 22, 2013
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